Let’s get it om! Festival

booking essentials


A welcome note from the Let’s Get it Om! Festival team. There are a few important things to share before you join us for some posing on Saturday 7 September. 

Please have a read below:


Now that you’ve got your ticket. Where to go?

Well you’ll find us at the top floor of the Argyll Arcade (actual address is 34 Argyll Chambers), come in via the entrance opposite House of Frasers on Buchanan Street, and there’s a staircase besides Mr Harold & Son go up there. You can either catch the lift (button 6), or hike up the stairs and get your warm up in early. 

There are a tone of road closure on the day due to a big cycling event. Please try to plan your route accordingly. Public transport may be your friend on Saturday.

The Space

Salka Yoga is based in predominately one lovely spacious room. where most of the hub of activity will happen during the day. We’ll also be opening up our second room and if the sun is out there will be a few select bodies allowed on the roof to stretch.

If your classes are spread out you are more than welcome to head off site and come back for your allotted slots, or chill in our second room.

Food & tea
Come join us for lunch we'd love to have you. It will be served from 12:30, so remember to bring your mullah if you wanna dine with us. Food is on offer from Peruana throughout the day as well as tea from Chaiwali. It's cash only for these guys and promises to be tasty and nutritious.

Paperwork and disclaimers

When you signed up via Eventbrite you will have signed off a health and liability disclaimer. If you didn’t book via Eventbrite let us know and we can give you a form to sign on the day. But please do let us know if you have any injuries / health concerns on the day and we’ll do our best to support you.

We will also be capturing photos and footage of the day (13:00-15:00). Hopefully you are cool with this but if not let us know and we’ll make sure you don’t make any public appearances.

Dress code

Gym or yoga gear, shorts & t-shirt is fine as are leggings. We have toilets where you can change but it's best to arrive dressed if you can. Especially as we are expecting the day to be quite busy. It’s the city centre so space is at a premium.

Arrival time

We’ll be opening the doors 10mins before your class starts,

Mats & props

All of these will be provided but if you want to bring your own mat, its very welcome to join in the party too

Your Festival Pass

Once you’ve made your booking via Eventbrite we strongly advise that you book your slots for the day in advance via www.salka.world/downdog.

Make sure you use the code SAMH to avoid paying again.

Your ticket will get you in to three classes (lunch is extra so bring dolla) in total. Rooftop yoga will only take place if the sun is on our side (so pray for sun, spots are limited so book at your own risk and let’s keep praying). Oh and rooftop is for over 16s only. Soz baes safety and all.

If you have a family ticket you can join the kids and family event and one other (the massage class might be the most fun). Please make sure you buy the right ticket, it’s a charity event after all.

Family yoga is suitable for 3 years+ accompanied by a parent/ guardian. And kids yoga is from 7-12 years.

Afternoon classes are for the more serious stretchers/ adults only.

Please note, we have spent weeks trying to figure out a seamless process for your bookings but this was the best we could come up with and it’s by no means perfect. Therefore if you experience any glitches, let us know straight away and we’ll try to resolve any issues at lightening speed. So zen of us we know!

Refunds and class exchanges

We are donating all of our time and space to make this a really special experience. All the proceeds we make will be going to charity. The day is an absolute bargain so we won’t be offering refunds, plus its for charity ya’ll.

Full programme

10:30-11:15 | Beginners Yoga (Salka Yoga)

11:00-17:00 | Rooftop yoga - if the sun is good to us, on the hour there will be 30 min stretches on the roof, spots are limited (All teachers on rotation)

11:30-12:00 | Family Yoga (3 years+ with parent/ guardian) (Claire Innes Martin, The Kali Collective)

12:00-12:30 | Kids Yoga (7- 12 years) (Claire Innes Martin, The Kali Collective)

12:30-13:45 | Tasty lunch from Peruana

12:45-13:45 | Thai massage partner class (James Brown, Infinity Yoga)

12:45-13:45 | Design the life you deserve - goal coaching with lululemon

14:00-14:45 | Hatha Flow (Claire Innes Martin, Kali Yoga)

15:00-15:45 | Broga (Yoga for the bros) (Borja, Salka Yoga)

16:00-16:45 | Ashtanga Vinyasa (Scarlett Williamson, We.Yoga)

17:00-18:00 | Yin Yoga (James Brown, Infinity Yoga)

The cause

Mental health is a cause very close to all the organisers hearts, so ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day we are organising a day dedicated to celebrating mental health and raising funds for awesome charity SAMH.

Any questions, holler them our way (hello@salka.world) and we’ll see you soon!


Let’s Get it Om! Festival team