Yoga, a wonderful acceptable alternative to hating everybody.

There’s nothing like a bit of yogic intervention to reduce stress, boost team camaraderie and improve productivity in the office, studio or workspace.  

We’ve got poses to unlock your back from desk jobs, asanas to reduce anxiety and pranayamas to pack some positivity into your day. 

Both Emma and Borja specialise in workplace wellness yoga and have experience designing programmes for creative and independent organisations.

Interested in team yoga? Then do get in touch, we’ll swap your worry for a warrior. Reach us at

We provide something different in our classes:

1. We plan and teach together. 

Most yoga classes are taught by only one teacher. However at Salka (evening classes in particular) we bring two. We’re a partnership and students benefit from our different styles, our combined knowledge, extra eyes and additional set of hands adjusting. It’s a pretty special experience. 

2. We are successful creatives who have allowed yoga to enhance our lives.

We know what it’s like juggling the stresses of the real world. Borja runs his own film company and I work for one of Scotland’s most successful communications agencies. We’ve worked in fast paced, high pressured environments in London, Sydney and Barcelona and have developed strategies to thrive and minimise stress. 

Our classes are always accessible and we provide easy to follow tips which students can take home to adopt healthy habits and embrace a balanced lifestyle. 

3. We’ve been working with young and mature students for 15+ years.

Both Borja and myself are active mentors within our industries. We have been sharing our knowledge and insights with people for many years, running workshops and training in our areas of expertise as well as giving talks at colleges and universities. We have a love of teaching, we bring energy and passion into everything we do. Our classes are vibrant, fun and informative, just like us.