Welcome to the soft launch of Salka’s new family and kids yoga offering.

Salka Yoga runs weekly yoga classes for beginners and adult yogis in Glasgow City Centre and is expanding out to kids and family yoga. Before our official launch we’re running some very special classes with YOU!!! So thank you, thank you there’s a treat in store for all!.

Thank you so much for being part of our amazing Salka journey, we’re super excited to run this with you and learn and grow together!


You’ll find us at the top floor of the Argyll Arcade (actual address is 34 Argyll Chambers), come in via the entrance opposite House of Frasers on Buchanan Street, and there’s a staircase besides Mr Harold & Son go up there. You can either catch the lift (button 6) and highly recommended, or hike up the stairs and get your warm up in early. 

Class sizes & times

Class sizes will be pretty small, so around 6 - 8 kids (+adults for family yoga) and classes will run for 30-40 minutes, depending on age groups.

Family yoga

We’re offering two kinds of yoga, family yoga AND kids yoga and yes there is a difference.

Family yoga is for 3 years - 9 year olds and this is where children are accompanied by an adult throughout the class. It’s an opportunity to play together, bond together and have fun together. We’re not fussy about who the adult is, it could be Moma, Dad, Uncle, Auntie, grandparent, baby sitter, really it’s up to you.

Kids yoga

Now for the older ones 9-12 years we’re offering them a time to stretch solo. There’s plenty of space for parents/ guardians to hang out though. Either in our main studio space or we’ve got our chill out room too. The option is also there for you to go shopping. grab a coffee etc and come back once class is over.


Before the first class we need you to complete a Consent and Liability Disclaimer form. You can do this at our studio when you arrive. If you’d like any of these emailed in advance, do just let us know, drop us a note here hello@salka.world and we’ll get onto that right away.

Dress for fun

Comfy clothes, legging, shorts, t-shirts, what you are happy to run around in, sports gear. We have toilets where you can change but it's best to arrive dressed if you can. 

Arrival time

We’ll be opening the doors 15 mins before your class starts, so feel free to come early and say yo. Sessions will start sharp, so please try to arrive with enough time to orientate yourself and get comfortable on your mat.

Mats & props

All of these will be provided.


We do everything via our website www.salka.world/downdog but will also post any last minute available spots on our Instagram Stories @salka_yoga so eyes open on there.


We work hard to keep our the prices of our classes as affordable as possible. But to ensure we cover all our costs this means we don’t offer refunds

Why did we decide to teach kids and family yoga?

Salka was built on the belief that yoga is for everyone and what better way to ensure that everyone gets a taste of yoga than teaching families and little ones. The founders are passionate about sharing their love of yoga, so Emma recently trained with Cayetana Rodenas, owner of Yoga & Kids and is now qualified to teach Kids Yoga anywhere in the world.

Any questions, holler them our way and we’ll see you soon!


Em +B