Your booking essentials


A welcome note from the Salka Yoga team. There are a few important things to share before you join us for some posing. 

Please have a read below:


You’ll find us at the top floor of the Argyll Arcade (actual address is 34 Argyll Chambers), come in via the entrance opposite House of Frasers on Buchanan Street, and there’s a staircase besides Mr Harold & Son go up there. You can either catch the lift (button 6), or hike up the stairs and get your warm up in early. 

In the evening, it's a bit tricky exiting the building, you basically need to go out via Sloans or the Fire Exit next to Sloans. On your first visit ask one of the teachers at the end of the class to give you directions or follow the throng of the Salka crowd on its way out. Failing that, remember life is an adventure.


Before your first class we need you to complete two forms. One is our Health Questionnaire so we can understand how best to support you in your practice. The second is the Liability Disclaimer form, both of which you can do at our studio when you arrive. If you’d like any of these emailed in advance, do just let us know, drop us a note here and we’ll get onto that right away.

Please just let the instructor know if you are a first time Salka stretcher and that you need to fill in your form, incase he/ she forgets being so zen and all that.

Dress code

Gym or yoga gear, shorts & t-shirt is fine as are leggings. We have toilets where you can change but it's best to arrive dressed if you can. 

Arrival time

We’ll be opening the doors 15 mins before your class starts, so feel free to come early and say yo. Sessions will start sharp, nothing like a bit of discipline mixed in with all this relaxation, so please arrive with enough time to orientate yourself and get comfortable on your mat.

Mats & props

All of these will be provided but if you want to bring your own mat, its very welcome to make an appearance too


We do everything via our website but will also post any last minute available spots on our Instagram Stories @salka_yoga so eyes open on there.

Refunds and class exchanges

We work hard to keep our the prices of our classes as affordable as possible. But to ensure we cover all our costs this means we don’t offer refunds or the chance to swap your sessions.

Any questions, holler them our way and we’ll see you soon!


Em +B